What's Lik?

No energy? Dry mouth? High heart rate?
For those moments that you can’t eat, but need the right nutrients. Take a Lik.

Lik is the liquid snack that unlocks your full potential and keeps you rowing, running, cycling and even partying. The balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fibre results in powerful and long lasting energy.

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How does it work

The essence of Lik is that it provides healthy energy during physical activities. It contains both fast and slow-releasing energy. The longer-lasting energy comes from complex carbohydrates. Lik is magnesium-rich and full of vitamins C and D, which together contribute to a reduction of physical fatigue and provide for a normal muscle function. In addition, Lik is a source of fibres providing a well-balanced energy intake by the body and it has a satiating effect. Lik is a combination of natural flavours (mint and elderflower) and does not contain any unnecessary additives.

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What's Lik?

Pim en Ted Claassen

Who are we? Two brothers who once had a crazy idea and decided to make it come true. It all started four years ago. In August 2012, we cycled with four friends from the North Cape to Athens, 5000 kilometres in 27 days.

Apart from a lot of training and pedalling our hearts out, proper food formed the basis of this achievement. To be able to keep the legs turning the pedals, we had to eat the right nutrients and should avoid drawing on our reserves.

During this cycling tour, on the one hand admiration arose for the effect of certain sports nutrition, but on the other hand we got annoyed about the taste. At times when both the heart rate and the temperature were very high, we would switch to easily digestible food. The concept was perfect, we found: easy-to-eat food containing exactly the nutrients your body needs and all the rest you leave out. However, the taste was dramatic. After about 3000 km we were so annoyed that we decided to try and make a better food product after coming home.

Our goal was clear: functional sports nutrition without any unnecessary additives, such as preservatives, sweeteners or thickening agents, and with a focus on flavour. The sweet unvarying flavour of the existing products was to be replaced by a mild, refreshing taste.

Very soon thereafter the suggestion came up that Lik would be an ideal product at festivals. After years of developing the product and cooperating with a number of brilliant people, step by step we came closer to our aim. In the summer of 2016, we have tested Lik at a few festivals and have provided the product to runners, racers, cyclists, skiers and even golfers. It turned out that Lik was suitable for a much wider public than we had ever thought.